Return Deadline Extended for Board Election & Bylaws Update Ballots

  We have heard from a few Sports Car Club of America members across the country that they have just recently received their Club election ballots in the mail for the current Board of Directors election and Bylaws Amendment initiative. SCCA attempted to provide ample time for delivery of the ballots to our members, but events beyond our control caused some of the mailings to be delayed. The number of these reports is small, but based on member feedback, these delivery challenges do not seem to be isolated to one specific part of the country.


With this in mind, and with the desire to make sure all our members get the opportunity for their voice to be heard, we are extending the voting window one week with a new deadline of Friday, November 22, 2019. If you have already participated in the voting process, we thank you. If you have just received your ballot, please know that you still have time to participate in this important event and return your ballot via mail.


Click here for more information on the current Board of Directors election and proposed Bylaws Amendment.



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